Release Out of the blue

Am I Green was started by Eric Tönnies, guitarist, singer and songwriter with his first Solo album Past in 2016. But on a new record he wanted to work together with a partner. The songwriter duo became complete with Katharina Bracke, who Eric met at the university, and the two quickly completed existing and new material generating inspiring songs.

Balanced drum sounds

With Jan Düwel, another companion from their student days, the duo found rhythmic support to fill the songs with balanced drum sounds ranging from minimalistic to powerful. All in all, a vocal and compositional harmony was formed that is second to none.

The three were so fascinated by the individual compositions that further musicians were sought.

So, Benjamin Gateno and Franz Wegner on guitars, as well as Alexander Zikoridse and Alexander Bracke on piano completed the recordings for the new album Out of the Blue. Musical passion on the one hand and the technical know-how of stg-music studios (Berlin) on the other hand gave the songs a unique sound.

From a few sketches, lines and fleeting ideas, a consistently balanced, varied and striking album was created, which reflects the characteristic in which everything had its beginning: the love for music.

Meticulous work and constant reviews within the solid core of Eric, Katharina and Jan revealed what nobody could have guessed in 2016.